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a mentoring and capacity building platform dedicated to building and supporting young Women across Nigeria to participate in politics, leadership, and governance.

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Young Women Leadership Programme (YWLP)

This programme seeks to increase active female participation of women in leadership, governance and the political process

Aims, Objective

To get women involved in politics

To empower women

Teach women values

Teach women to balance their careers and family effectively

Teach women about poise, etiquette, dress sense and carriage

Educate women on the history of the Nigerian political process

Encourage women to be more visible and engage in National discourse

Target Audience

Generally, teenagers to middle aged women. I.e from 16 to 40 years

Specifically both rural and educated women, single ladies and mothers

Be a Sponsor

 This mandate would be achieved majorly through event based programmes. This means that it would be driven through programmes and media.