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This programme is proposed to be broadcasted on Hot 98.3 and other major radio stations in Nigeria

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Leadership Clinic on Radio

Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI), presents the leadership clinic with Linus Okorie on radio. A pre-recorded programme broadcasted on radio where Linus Okorie, the Leadership consultant and President of GOTNI addresses key leadership values, principles and strategies that can enhance productivity and inspire a great sense of commitment to the transformation of Nigeria.



The Leadership Clinic Radio being a brand that promotes good leadership, nation building and human capital development, has the capacity to attract company sponsorship due to positive brand associations desired by most companies either for marketing purposes or in fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. Therefore when the leadership brand has been adequately publicized and entrenched in the media, sponsorships will be sourced and accepted from commercial companies or organizations that value the positive brand association. These sponsorships will ensure the continuity of the project as funds will be channeled towards ensuring the sustainability of the Leadership Clinic. Also we shall pursue strategic media partnerships in the course of the execution of our Leadership Clinic programmes which will ensure that we have our programmes broadcasted and our seminars covered.


This mandate would be achieved majorly through event based programmes. This means that it would be driven through programmes and media.