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Since its inception, many notable Leaders and Captains of industries have been hosted at the GOTNI Leadership Clinic

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Nigeria is in great demand for leaders with the right attitude and mental capacity to serve with vision, integrity, innovation and courage in every sector of the economy. GOTNI Leadership Clinic hosts young professionals (under 40 years) who have a desire to be relevant in the transformation of Nigeria to a Leadership Clinic once every month where they learn the rudiments of excellence in leadership. They are imparted with the core leadership principles, values and strategies that can inspire personal, professional and political productivity and commitment to nation building. Participants have the opportunity of interacting and networking with a crop of young people with transformational minds and limitless sense of possibilities for the Nigeria of our dreams as well as with veterans of different sectors who are invited as guest panelists.

Since its inception, many notable Leaders and Captains of industries have been hosted at the GOTNI Leadership Clinic. These meetings have witnessed thousands of young people in attendance – people who are equipped with cutting edge leadership abilities. Some of the speakers who have spoken at GOTNI Leadership Clinic include the GOTNI President, Mr Linus Okorie, the MD of Gold Foam, Mr Ejike Okafor, the MD of Heritage Bank, Mr Ifie Sekibo, the Chairman of Channels Television, Mr John Momoh and a host of others.

Aims, Objective

To transform a critical mass of Nigerians into transformational leaders,

To empower people to become productive leaders in various sectors of the society,

To create a platform for mentorship that connects accomplished leaders with emerging leaders,

To bring about a mindset reorientation that enables people to take responsibility for the change they want to see.

To empower people with the right leadership knowledge to contribute towards Nigeria’s corporate prosperity.

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To inject values for excellent performance in various sectors of Nigerian economy, one graduate at a time. Goals

We have identified the following as important components of our vision for this project