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Vision & Mission

A transformed and prosperous nation blessed with men and women of Honour, Vision, Integrity, Service and Courage as her leaders and followers.

To transform our nation, by consciously grooming and nurturing the youths into transformational leaders who have development the commitment to serve with integrity and excellence.

A note from Mr President

There comes a time in the story of every nation when men decide to rise up to the challenge of fixing their country. This was my story as a very young man when I first became inspired to build a strategic network of exceptional leaders to tackle the growing leadership deficit plaguing Nigeria and Africa at large.

For 23 years I have dedicated my life to building and raising these sets of Leaders who stand for service, value addition, honour and integrity – a new generation of leaders with a revolutionized mindset rooted in servant leadership and national pride. At GOTNI, we are raising a new generation of leaders who understand selflessness and are committed to national transformation.

Over the years, through the GOTNI ground breaking leadership mindset revolution programmes, GOTNI has transformed and groomed thousands of Nigerians into transformational leaders who are impacting Nigeria, Africa and the world. Our Alumni include some of the best and most innovative Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

I therefore ask you to join me as we work to institutionalize leadership development in Nigeria and Africa. Let us rebuild our country by first empowering our minds. Join us at GOTNI and Invest in transforming Nigeria, one young mind at a time.

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Our Values

Excellence in Service
Love for Nation
Honest Hard Work
Vision and Enterprise
Commitment to a Life of Integrity.

The GOTNI Story

GOTNI has a wonderful story of how it came into being.

Find out about how our founders relied on five key beliefs to drive the establishment of Guardians Of The Nation International and determined the focus and design of the Organization.

Welcome Donors, Supporters & Friends